Network Integration

Communication defines today's business landscape. Interaction with colleagues, clients, suppliers, business partners and information sources is constant and pervasive. Organizational productivity and effectiveness depends on 24x7 online, real-time accesses from any location and any device - PC, laptop, PDA, cellphone or TV. The network is at the core of this communication and interaction, providing the fast, secure connectivity that drives business operations. Our Network Integration solutions and services ensure that your communication networks deliver the performance your business relies on.

SeenaTech understands that networks must be flexible, tailored to meet communication needs, compliant with regulation and corporate governance and also aligned with industry standards. Most importantly, we know that networks should simply work - seamlessly facilitating your organizations'changing communication needs. Through a comprehensive range of services, adaptable scale, and in-depth networking expertise, we keep organizations connected and communicating - through their networks.

Core Networking

The network is the core infrastructure of an organization's operational capabilities; in most cases it has spiraled from supporting initial functions such as file and print services to a myriad of business-penetrative and network-dependent applications. Its role in transmitting information, enabling processes, optimizing costs, supporting diverse communication needs and generating revenue is integral to a business's success and future growth. As such, your organization needs network solutions and services that will meet your business requirements quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, resulting in sustainable, secure and highly available networks.

The complex nature of network architectures often demand considerable expertise in not only core networking, but the auxiliary areas of security, storage, convergence and operating systems. SeenaTech's history as a global network integrator has given us extensive experience in the architecture, design, integration, support and management of secure and resilient enterprise, data-center and service provider networks to connect users and support today's - and tomorrow's - ubiquitous communication needs.

Data Center Networking

Your data center is under growing pressure to perform in challenging circumstances. Virtualization delivers greater capacity, performance and efficiency for less power consumption, cooling and cabling. With application mobility and increasing bandwidth requirements, your data center network is under significant pressure. The result architecting the network to take advantage of 10GE switching and next generation computing platforms.

We now know that it takes more than world-class technology for your network to deliver on the promise of virtualization. It takes a partner that understands how to deliver a solution where less is more. SeenaTech helps organizations around the world to save costs and get more performance from their data centers and the networks that support them.

Our Perspective

The ongoing drive for organizations to be more efficient in their business operations, and at the same time, flexible in addressing the needs of their stakeholders to maximize business opportunities, is forcing IT systems to evolve.

The network forms the foundation of the data center and ensuring applications are delivered to our clients in a way that gives them a good user experience is important to SeenaTech.

Data Centre Network Assessment

SeenaTech's Data Centre Network Assessment is designed to assist you in creating a roadmap, utilizing best practice, market experience and the latest innovative thinking to ensure your network architecture will meet your current and future business objectives.

Data center network self-assessment

A simple, easy to use tool that will quickly evaluate the readiness of your data center network to support virtualization, new computing models, along with IT and business priorities. Take our online test of eight questions to provide you with quick insight into whether you're on track or need some help.

Data center networking solutions

Is your data center network architected to better accommodate dynamic virtualized server and storage environments? How SeenaTech can provide you with a structured approach to data center networking that is in line with your business objectives.

Virtualization-ready networks

Data center networking and the impact of virtualization and other new computing models is a current industry hot topic and is receiving significant focus from businesses, vendors and the market in general. Read about the developments in and future of data center networking.

Contact a SeenaTech expert

Contact a SeenaTech expert and learn more about how SeenaTech can provide you with a structured approach to data center networking that is in line with your business objectives.

Performance Optimization

For the 21st century organization, an optimally performing network is not a luxury, it's a necessity. A poor performing network is a drain on company resources; it slows productivity, frustrates employees, saps IT support capabilities and negates technology investments. In essence, it ceases to support business and starts to impede it.

Many of today's IT trends, such as consolidation, virtualization, convergence, Web 2.0, globalization, outsourcing, and mobility have significant impact on a user's experience when connecting to business applications over the network, as a result of the different traffic patterns and flows they introduce. Many networks were simply not designed to carry these growing and changing traffic patterns and, in addition, many protocols used today are not designed to function over the WAN.

Performance Optimization is the addition of technology to a network, in order to accelerate the end-users access to any given application. The primary objective is speed - delivering applications to users, irrespective of where the applications reside, and irrespective of where the users are connecting from, in the most efficient way possible. There are many benefits to optimizing traffic on the network and the results can be astonishing. In addition, return on investment analysis generally reveals payback periods of approximately 12 months

To get a network to perform at its peak requires complete, in-depth networking expertise, a comprehensive understanding of the underlying protocols and knowledge of the applications running over the network. SeenaTech has a long history of delivering sophisticated networking solutions with a focus on performance engineering, to ensure that clients get the maximum performance out of their networks and data centers.

SeenaTech's Performance Optimization solutions fall under the broad categories of WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration (sometimes referred to as Application Delivery Optimization).

Our Performance Optimization services incorporate a Network Optimization Assessment, Performance Optimization Design and Architecture, as well as support and management services, including our support service, Uptime, and SeenaTech's Managed Network Services. We recommend starting any performance improvement project with a Network Optimization Assessment

Performance Optimization Services:

Network Optimization Assessment: This assessment is the prime starting point for effective Performance Optimization as it delivers a performance baseline on the network and a detailed analysis of the traffic types, patterns and flows on the network. This information gives you the insight needed to understand the networks more intimately and highlights areas for performance improvement.

Performance Optimization Solutions:

WAN Optimization: Features compression, traffic management, content management, load balancing, data reduction and caching techniques, which improve link and bandwidth utilization. This solution utilizess WAN Optimization Controllers (WOCs) which are installed on either end of the WAN link.

Application Acceleration:

Improves the performance of applications by addressing the shortcomings of protocols and adapting the way data is delivered. This solution utilizes Application Delivery Controllers, which are installed into client data centers.

Wireless & Mobility

With more laptops than desktops in the enterprise, the proliferation of mobile devices is widespread. An increasingly mobile workforce now has expectations of 'on the go' access to information, applications, people and resources, and a growing number of businesses are readily harnessing the opportunities that such mobility can deliver. To remain agile and flexible, organizations require innovative and intelligent solutions to their mobility requirements. SeenaTech's wireless and mobility solutions help organizations to put wireless LAN (WLAN) , WiMax or wireless mesh capabilities in place, so businesses and users can access network resources without the limitation of wires. Wireless gives network users the mobility to move around within a broad coverage area whilst still being connected to the network and able to access shared information and back office systems.

New technology standards, such as 802.11n, now allow for near parity with the performance of wired networks and enable seamless, mobile connectivity and organizational agility. Not only are business processes streamlined and workflow improved, but mobility allows organizations to enjoy a competitive business and technological position.

SeenaTech's wireless and mobility solutions and services focus on key business, operational and technical requirements. Our priority is to ensure that, whichever wireless infrastructure or mobility services are put in place, your business is able to work seamlessly, reducing complexity and risk.

Our extensive experience and expertise in networking, coupled with a specialized focus in wireless and mobility, enables SeenaTech to offer our clients a complete solution. Beginning with upfront consultation on your wireless and mobility needs (through our Wireless and Mobility Development Model), SeenaTech's wireless solutions and services include Wireless LAN Site and Infrastructure Assessments, wireless network architecture and design, as well as support and management services, including our support service, Uptime, and SeenaTech's Managed Services for Wireless LAN. Our extensive wireless design and deployment experience has led to the formulation of the SeenaTech Wireless LAN Engagement Methodology (WLANEM). Based upon established best practices, the WLANEM ensures best practice delivery of Wireless and Mobility for our clients.

Wireless Infrastructure:

  • Secure Wireless LAN: Provides enterprise users with secure and controlled wireless network access.
  • Wireless Mesh: Extends dynamic wireless connectivity outdoors across large and often challenging coverage areas for government, enterprise or service provider funded wireless networks.

Mobility Services:

  • Guest Access: Enables secure and controlled internet access for our clients'visitors, partners and contractors without compromising the corporate network.
  • Location-Based Services: Provides context aware services that allow clients to not only locate critical and high value assets but also provide important telemetry information on the status of these assets.
  • Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN): Extends voice capabilities wirelessly via wireless IP phones and network integration with IP telephony systems.

Operations Management

As the network increasingly becomes the platform for your business operations, your effectiveness and production output depends on its availability, capacity and performance. Although this shift to a connected operational model creates many advantages, it's a dependence that makes the discipline of Operations Management a business requirement - a requirement to ensure your investment in network infrastructure delivers the service levels your business needs.

SeenaTech provides a combination of network operations systems and services to drive service efficacy, service level adherence, best practice operations and the solution to problem resolution time and service impacting incidents.

Our service management approach focused on helping you understand where you are placed against best practice for process, organization and platforms to manage your network infrastructure. Deploying operations management systems to automate functions in the network operations and systems operations center (NOC and SOC) will reduce downtime of IT infrastructure and decrease errors in configuration and change. This has strong ROI for your business including cost reductions, improved end user experience, and increased accuracy and productivity of your IT operations.

Outsourced network management services provide the additional benefits of allowing you to take advantage of specialist expertise in network management, rather than training and managing internal resources. SeenaTech's Operations Management capability draws on many years'experience in network management systems, outsourced services and operations centers for enterprise, telecommunications and service provider clients around the world.

The benefits of Operations Management are widespread-ranging and provide a real-time logical view of your network infrastructure that will dramatically improve your ability to anticipate business impacting problems and optimally manage corrective action. The potential for revenue loss resulting from the unavailability of critical business applications is significantly reduced, as is the total cost of ownership of the operations support system. Furthermore, the alignment of operations with business objectives allows for increased efficiency and productivity.

SeenaTech recommends a Network Operations Readiness Assessment as the starting point for any initiative in Operations Management. This Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive review of your operational capabilities and requirements and thus help to drive the roadmap for network management capability in your business. Once you have determined your needs, SeenaTech provides both Operations Management Systems and Services:

Network Management Systems

Within our Network Management Systems offering, SeenaTech will help define, select and integrate the technology tools you need to support your network infrastructure in meeting business service needs, including the planning, configuration and provisioning, assurance, and control and accounting functions. SeenaTech can also build you - from top to bottom - a Network Operations Centre that will give your organization the necessary facilities to run these systems effectively in house.

Network Management Services

SeenaTech's Network Management Services offer clients a complete, SeenaTech managed, Operations Management service. We implement the technology tools, processes, people and management on your behalf within an outsource agreement. The scope of the service encompasses the key functions of planning, configuration and provisioning, assurance, and control and accounting.

Managed Network Services

Whether your network enables mission critical business transactions, is a means to keep operations connected to data and applications, or is a platform for communications across locations and departments, you need it supported and managed. And as you take further advantage of technology trends such as consolidation, centralization, virtualization, presence, voice and visual communications, your network availability will begin to dictate your business availability.

The costs of network downtime include stalled operations, frustrated users, lost revenue and higher IT costs as employees focus on fire-fighting rather than proactive planning and management. According to some analysts, downtime can account for as much as 3% of your revenue.

SeenaTech's managed and support services for networks include a comprehensive suite of service elements that are ITIL- and best practice aligned. Through our support service, Uptime, and a range of managed services, we ensure your network (and other IT systems which depend on the network) is available and managed to meet business needs.

Our network support and managed services are delivered from five strategically-positioned Global Service Centers (GSCs) - located in Bangalore, Boston, Frankfurt, Johannesburg and Melbourne. We provide on-site support from a SeenaTech office in your area.

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