Data Center Solutions

Organizations worldwide are placing greater demands on their data centers to provide business services faster, more efficiently and securely. This challenge to the IT department is exacerbated by growing computing and storage requirements, and the need to maintain service levels.

Our Data Centre solutions can help address these challenges by increasing the adoption of virtualization, optimizing the management of data and ensuring the network and data center facilities are ready to support new projects.

Virtualization has created significant opportunities to reduce cost and drive infrastructure efficiency in today's tough climate. But for virtualization to deliver end user satisfaction, the only impact it should have on the end user experience, should be a positive one, whether they're working from their desks, or accessing corporate applications from mobile hotspot.

So how do you architect optimal solutions both inside and outside the firewall?

How do you improve the business case for cloud and virtualization?

How do you manage user satisfaction with cloud and virtualization and provide premium value?

SeenaTech can help

We help our clients on their journey towards a more efficient and agile data center that enables greater automation and responsiveness in the delivery of business services in the following areas:

  • Desktop & Server Virtualization
  • Storage & Data Management
  • Data Centre Networking
  • Data Centre Facilities

Desktop & Server Virtualization

In an era where cost reduction, increasing efficiency and driving business agility are at the top of the organizational agenda - deciding how to achieve these goals is infinitely more complex.

One area that the IT department is turning to in order to help achieve these objectives is virtualization. Even though the virtues of virtualization are well understood, very few organizations are realizing the true value that the pervasive adoption of virtualization can bring.

SeenaTech's desktop and server virtualization solutions will help you maximize the benefits of virtualization to enable business agility, increase the availability of resources and applications and support the journey to cloud computing.

While virtualization is prevalent in data centers today, it is estimated that typically only 20% of the server estate is virtualized. Accelerating the adoption of virtualization to include the virtualization of mission-critical applications will enable you to see even greater cost savings, streamlining of business processes and greater speed to market.

Our extensive experience in virtualization deployments from file and print servers to mission-critical applications means that we have the expertise to address the data center requirements for wide-spread virtualization adoption - from the data center to the desktop.

SeenaTech offers virtualization solutions in the following areas:

  • Server consolidation and virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Virtualization infrastructure

We offer solutions tailored to your organizational requirements based on best practices garnered from deploying, implementing and supporting virtualized server and desktop environments for clients around the world.

Complemented by SeenaTech's virtualization services:

  • Next Generation Desktop Assessment
  • Server Virtualization Assessment
  • Unified Computing Systems Workshop
  • Data Centre Maturity Assessment

Storage & Data Management

When faced with the challenge of organizational data growth, simply adding additional storage doesn't resolve the problem.

Not all data is created equal. Only by looking at organizational data throughout its lifecycle - from creation, movement, storage, archiving and retrieval - can you make sense of data and storage in a way that reduces cost, complexity and risk.

SeenaTech's storage and data management solutions look at how you can optimize the storage, retrieval, backup and recovery of your data to ensure business continuity, compliance and the rapid delivery of information to the business.

SeenaTech offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and services to help you optimize and simplify your storage and data environment.

  • Data Management
  • Storage Management
  • Business Continuity

Data Center Networking

Your data center is under growing pressure to perform in challenging circumstances. Virtualization delivers greater capacity, performance and efficiency for less power consumption, cooling and cabling. With application mobility and increasing bandwidth requirements, your data center network is under significant pressure. The result architecting the network to take advantage of 10GE switching and next generation computing platforms.

We now know that it takes more than world-class technology for your network to deliver on the promise of virtualization. It takes a partner that understands how to deliver a solution where less is more. SeenaTech helps organizations around the world to save costs and get more performance from their data centers and the networks that support them.

Our Perspective

The ongoing drive for organizations to be more efficient in their business operations, and at the same time, flexible in addressing the needs of their stakeholders to maximize business opportunities, is forcing IT systems to evolve.

The network forms the foundation of the data center and ensuring applications are delivered to our clients in a way that gives them a good user experience is important to SeenaTech.

Data Centre Network Assessment

SeenaTech's Data Centre Network Assessment is designed to assist you in creating a roadmap, utilizing best practice, market experience and the latest innovative thinking to ensure your network architecture will meet your current and future business objectives.

Data center network self-assessment

A simple, easy to use tool that will quickly evaluate the readiness of your data center network to support virtualization, new computing models, along with IT and business priorities. Take our online test of eight questions to provide you with quick insight into whether you're on track or need some help.

Data center networking solutions

Is your data center network architected to better accommodate dynamic virtualized server and storage environments? How SeenaTech can provide you with a structured approach to data center networking that is in line with your business objectives.

Virtualization-ready networks

Data center networking and the impact of virtualization and other new computing models is a current industry hot topic and is receiving significant focus from businesses, vendors and the market in general. Read about the developments in and future of data center networking.

Contact a SeenaTech expert

Contact a SeenaTech expert and learn more about how SeenaTech can provide you with a structured approach to data center networking that is in line with your business objectives.

Data Center Facilities

Your business is putting greater pressure on the data center to provide services faster while doing less harm to the environment. Aging technology, limited infrastructure and high facilities costs often make this hard to achieve.

If you're considering ways to reduce energy consumption, modernizing your aging data center and consolidating infrastructure, SeenaTech can help simplify the architecture and management of your data center to deliver greater efficiency and scalability in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner

SeenaTech offers environmentally and economically sustainable solutions in the following areas:

  • Power and Cooling
  • Data Centre Relocations
  • Data Centre Design
  • Data Centre Consolidation

To help you gain a greater understanding on how to optimize your data center facilities we offer the following services:

  • Power and Cooling Assessment
  • Data Centre Maturity Assessment

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