Converged Communications Solutions

In today's competitive marketplace, an organization's business agility is determined by the speed with which it can transform data into information and accelerate communication - internally as well as with customers and partners.

SeenaTech helps clients integrate traditional communication tools (telephony, email) with collaboration technologies (IM, conferencing) that provide new ways to communicate from any location, using any device and accessing any application.

We group our solutions into five main categories

  • Telephony - Providing a secure and robust voice infrastructure as the platform for richer communications and collaboration reduces costs and offers more productive communication.
  • Integrated Collaboration - Reducing costs and improving business process speed is achieved by integrating multiple communication channels and Presence within the user's working context.
  • Contact Centers - Creating and delivering integrated management of customer interaction across communication channels retains and grows the value of the organization's customer base.
  • Enterprise Mobility - Improving the productivity of remote and mobile workers through seamless access to corporate communications tools and business applications, irrespective of location, allows for increased productivity and effectiveness.
  • Visual Communications - Implementing Tele-presence and video conferencing to improve interaction and the quality of remote collaboration, eliminates time and cost penalties of travelling.

Our solutions enable clients to enter a connected world of seamless communication and collaboration that reduces costs, increases employee productivity, delivers a competitive advantage and enhances customer service.

IP Telephony

Rapid advances in communication technology are constantly challenging today's businesses to provide up-to-date infrastructure that is reliable, secure and flexible. Customers, business partners and employees are demanding modern communication tools that keep them connected and mobile as well as personal and involved. IP Telephony meets these needs and more. Businesses around the world are integrating IP Telephony into their day-to-day operations and enjoying major results such as reduced costs and risk, increased efficiency and a higher level of internal and external connectivity. Providing a foundation on which new communication tools can be unified and integrated seamlessly with each other, will increase productivity as the quality and ease of communication is improved within your organization as well as externally.

SeenaTech helps clients to exploit the advantages of VoIP, and to migrate in a cost-effective manner from legacy technologies such as TDM to IP Telephony. We assess, migrate, integrate, secure and manage IP Telephony to help clients mitigate the risk of end-of-life PBXs and reduce the operational costs associated with managing and administering multiple networks.

Our approach consists of the following:

  • A Secure IP Telephony Assessment Service
  • A proven methodology for deploying IP Telephony
  • An IPT Health Check
  • Call control and billing systems
  • A Managed Service for IP Telephony

Peace of mind that your network runs optimally in capable hands

SeenaTech's portfolio of professional and managed network services frees up your internal resources to focus on objectives that are critical to your business; you do what you do best run your business - while we do what we do best take care of your network. Many organizations decide to invest in IP Telephony because of the promise of cost reduction and greater functionality. To deliver on this promise, the technology needs to be well deployed and integrated with the organization's existing systems and processes.

SeenaTech's Deployment Methodology for IP Telephony brings to bear best practices for deployment of IP Telephony, based on previous experience in large-scale deployments in different environments and across multiple industries.

We have deployed more than 1,200,000 IP handsets for leading companies around the world.

SeenaTech's Deployment Methodology for IP Telephony results in multiple benefits to the client, including:

  • Faster integration of new solutions and releases into production as a result of our standardized, field-tested approach and templatised processes.
  • Reduced cost of deployment - eliminates unnecessary errors and problems.
  • Consistent quality and method of deployment, whether it be at a local branch office or an international location.
  • A detailed suite of documentation and deliverables post deployment that provides a full overview of the deployment and process used throughout.
  • Vendor validation and approved solution methodology.

Visual Communications

Imagine a future where collaboration, interaction and communication really do enhance the massive benefits of globalization to an organization. Where, technology plays an enablement role by creating opportunities for businesses to connect individuals and groups that have to function as a team.

Today we operate in a world where distance and time are meaningless. We communicate every day - and, immediately. SeenaTech seeks to promote this inter-global understanding through the creation, presentation and support of a visual solution created with the understanding that it empowers communities, builds connections between generations, challenges perspectives and creates an environment for critical thinking, necessary to build a more effective society.

Visual Communications makes business simple

  • Communication is richer, has more depth and a "human face"
  • The carbon footprint previously exercised decreases as travel is no longer an imperative
  • It enhances existing business processes where diagnostics is essential
  • It increases efficiency while reducing costs
  • And, it increases effectiveness while greatly improving productivity

SeenaTech believes that there is a visual solution for everybody, from a fully integrated, state-of-the-art experience to less expensive and complex, but still workable, solutions.

  • Telepresence with high-definition audio, multiple reactive cameras and ambient lighting for meetings held in disparate locations
  • High-definition videoconferencing for a group of participants
  • A personal video screen for interactive, one-on-one sessions
  • Video on mobile/laptop for mobile workforces
  • We also offer Managed Services for Visual Communications

Why should your organization consider Visual Communications?

SeenaTech's Visual Communications solutions:

  • Enable face-to-face communication regardless of location
  • Facilitate information sharing
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Reduce carbon emissions Optimizee network utilization
  • Facilitate easier access to remote experts (trainers, product specialists)
  • Enrich employee's work/life balance

Integrated Collaboration

The notion of sharing knowledge within an organization is not a novel concept. And, whether your business collaboration is as simple as mere conversation or whether it requires a more complex and unified technical platform, collaboration in any form can support a shared business goal.

SeenaTech's Integrated Collaboration solutions facilitate the ways in which, sometimes complex, inter-dependent work is shared, steeped in the knowledge that business performance is a competitive advantage. The solutions integrate new and existing communication channels, including key technologies like IP Telephony, Presence, e-mail, audio, visual and web conferencing, unified messaging and instant messaging (IM).

The power of these collaborative tools is greatly increased when they are combined to form an organization-wide collaborative infrastructure.

For example:

  • Adding presence information to personal productivity tools allows you to extend presence-awareness to office applications and collaboration systems. Initiate telephone calls and instant messaging sessions to colleagues from Microsoft Office applications with an intelligent network that automatically chooses the best mode of communication.
  • Integrating your email and IP systems allows access to email, voice mail and text messages from an email client. This provides a single repository for all messages that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Forwarding of the desk telephone based on Presence information - when you walk away from your desk, calls are automatically diverted to your mobile phone.
  • The ability to initiate a conference (voice, video or data) from any desktop application at no additional cost.

Enterprise Mobility

Business today has evolved to global mobility. Enterprise mobility liberates an employee from a fixed work station enabling them to communicate in more ways from more places.

The integration of unified communications and advances in wireless technology has created opportunities for companies to incorporate mobility into their organizations resulting in increased productivity.

SeenaTech defines mobile unified communications as the unification of fixed-mobile convergence, wireless integrated communications and communications-enabled business processes.

To be productive while working outside the office environment, workers need access to corporate communication tools and business applications. SeenaTech has a host of solutions that improve the productivity and morale of a mobile workforce whilst ensuring security.

Business Benefits

  • Cost savings - reap the benefits of reduced employee travel costs and the need for expensive office floor space.
  • Improved business continuity - in the event of load-shedding or IT disruptions, productivity continues.
  • Improved productivity - remove the necessity of office-bound workers
  • Provide secure, reliable, scalable communications that take advantage of your LAN and WAN
  • Improve employee agility and productivity through integration with innovative Unified Communications and third-party applications

Our solutions include:

  • Extension Mobility
  • Soft Phones
  • Multi-modal Phones
  • Broadband to the Home
  • VPNs
  • Network Access Segmentation

Contact Centers

Our unified Contact Centre architecture brings together IP telephony, customer interaction technologies and unified communications capabilities such as rich presence, instant messaging, shared directories and calendars to enable your company to improve how customers, Contact Centre agents and organization experts interact and perform. What's more, we enable you to measure the quality and effectiveness of customer interactions, and give you the ability to assess and engage employees across multiple contact channels

Our unified Contact Centre solution allows you to smoothly integrate inbound and outbound voice applications with Internet applications such as real-time chat, web collaboration, and e-mail. This integration enables a single agent to support multiple interactions simultaneously regardless of which communications channel the customer has chosen. Since each interaction is unique and may require individualized service, SeenaTech provides Contact Centre solutions to manage customer interactions based on almost any contact attribute.

SeenaTech combines unified communications with Contact Centre technologies to streamline and enhance service levels with complete visibility and control and enables businesses to seamlessly extend those processes beyond the Contact Centre.

We understand the importance of Contact Centers and if deployed correctly, the positive effect they can have on a corporation. We have a proven track record at performing unified consolidation and our wealth of experience working with computer-telephony integration and call center solutions has resulted in many happy clients.

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