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Having a holistic approach to build BI & A competency is imperative for companies that want to drive their businesses & markets.

BI Modernization

is the strategy that delivers or enhances business Intelligence strategic competency through people, process & technological capability.

Think Modernization for:

  • Aligning with your business partners
  • Validating your strategy
  • Assessing your current state
  • Maximizing value

Enterprise Data Warehousing

is the presentation & storage of structured data that enables the business to measure, analyze, & effect business processes.

Think EDW for:

  • Rich knowledge visualization
  • Actionable dashboards & scorecards
  • Economy of scale
  • One version of the truth

Big Data

refers to high volume, velocity, & variety of data that requires new technologies to process, store, and realize new insights.

Think Big Data when:

  • Multiple data sources to integrate
  • Cost-to-scale is prohibitively high
  • Offload storage and processing
  • Need to analyze all data

Enterprise Analytics

is the discovery of patterns in data, which relies on statistics to quantify & predict business performance.

Think Enterprise Analytics for:

  • Quantifying the health of Business Processes
  • Drawing Insights from Big Data
  • Gaining Insights into Customers
  • Predicting Business Outcomes

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