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Contemplating an upgrade or refresh of your IT infrastructure? If so, comprehensive planning is a critical determinant of success. How do you know which of the myriad of new technology solutions available will best equip you to harness greater efficiencies and reduce costs? And how will you go about demonstrating return on your investment? At SeenaTech, through our professional services, we support you in the planning and building of new solutions for your business. Drawing on our focus and several decades of experience, we’re quickly able to recognize and understand evolving technologies as they emerge and assist you to convert the most appropriate ones into solutions that deliver measurable value to your business. Every year we assist thousands of clients across the globe to understand exactly how new solutions will fit into their current environment and move forward with investments and deployments with confidence.


Contact us to explore how our team of over 2000 seasoned professional services experts can implement and support your project deliverables.


In recent years, more and more IT decision-makers are recognizing the impact that project management has on their companies’ bottom lines. Increasingly, however, companies have been forced to manage critical projects with limited staff, smaller budgets and fewer resources. Too often, the unfortunate result is projects that are late or over budget and in fact, statistics demonstrate that most projects fail to meet expectations.


So what causes IT projects to flounder? The answer is that IT projects fail because they're simply harder. They include the usual project-management challenges, such as deadlines, budget constraints and too few people to devote to the project. But they also face unique technology challenges, from hardware, operating system, network or database woes, to security risks, interoperability issues, and the changes manufacturers make to their hardware and software configurations.


With the fragile economy, now more than ever, you can’t afford project delays and budget overruns. At SeenaTech, we believe that successful IT projects don’t just happen…rather; they must be meticulously planned and diligently controlled.


It’s estimated that international deployments impose two to three times the management load of national ones. Omnipresent complexities and risks often de-rail international projects including finding the appropriate resources in specific geographies … ensuring services are delivered with consistent quality … importation and tax regulations … not to mention a host of potential language and cultural issues …


How do you manage?


The answer is to leave the finer details to SeenaTech. Every year we assist thousands of clients across the globe to move forward with international and cross-border new investments and deployments with confidence. Through our International Program Office (IPO) we provide our clients with a single point of contact – in the form of a dedicated Account Manager – regardless of the number of geographies that are involved in the project. This resource is available 24/7 and gives clients peace of mind that their projects are receiving the level of attention they deserve and that someone always has an ‘eye on the ball’. Read more about our IPO and approach to international IT deployments.

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